SAAE Advisory Note 2 to Government The State of water services in South African Municipalities

Building a Better post-COVID Water Sector Advisory Note 2: The State of water services in South...

Building a better post-COVID Water Sector

Building a better post-COVID Water Sector SAAE letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa

SAAE Advisory Note to Government Prioritizing strategic investments

SAAE Advisory Note to Government Prioritizing strategic investments

SA Academy of Engineering
The South African Academy of Engineering (SAAE) is a young, growing, non-profit, independent institution with 199 members. It functions as a voluntary association under its own constitution and follows the model of Academies of Engineering in many countries around the world.
The Academy comprises eminent engineers of all disciplines and related professionals with proven ability and achievement. It is able to harness their wealth of knowledge and experience which, with the interdisciplinary character of the membership, provides a unique resource for independent, evidence-based advice. The SAAE maintains relations with overseas Academies of Engineering and in 2009 was admitted as a member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS).
To be a reliable and sought-after source of expert advice on matters pertaining to global competitiveness and quality of life for the nation.
Recent news

Induction of new Fellows

The new Fellows who were inducted in Pretoria with Dr Goba and Prof Kearsley. From left to right Stan Bridgens, Viv Crone, Prof David Limebeer, Dr Trueman Goba (President), Hermien Oberholzer, Prof Elsabe Kearsley (Vice-President), Abe Thela and Dr James Cullis.The...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dr Rohde presenting the Fourth Industrial Revolution lecture at UJ on 30 July 2019.The demand for Dr Gustav Rohde’s lecture The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital Transformation – An opportunity to reposition was great and SAAE therefore presented the lecture on 15...

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CAETS Convocation 2019

Dr Mike Shand, Prof Elsabe Kearsley and Dr Trueman Goba who represented SAAE at the 2019 CAETS Convocation in Stockholm, Sweden.The 2019 CAETS Convocation took place from 24 to 28 June 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden and was hosted by the Royal Swedish Academy of...

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CAETS Convocation 2019

The delegates from 26 countries who attended the CAETS Convocation in  Stockholm.


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