Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS)

CAETS is an independent non-political, non-governmental international organization of engineering and technological sciences academies, one member academy per country. The First International Convocation of Academies of Engineering and Similar Institutions was held in 1978. Slight changes were made in the title of subsequent convocations during 1980 to 1985. In 1985 the name “Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS)” was agreed. On incorporation in 2000, the name became the “International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Inc. (CAETS).” Twenty six countries are currently members of CAETS. SAAE became a member of CAETS in 2009.

CAETS Convocation Madrid 2017

SAAE’s representatives at the CAETS Convocation Felix Reinders, Trueman Goba, Bob Pullen and Mike Shand
The 2017 CAETS Convocation was hosted by the Royal Spanish Academy of Engineering in Madrid, Spain, from 13 to 17 November 2017. The theme of the meeting was “Challenges of the Bio-economy” with four sub-themes, namely “Food security”, “New Genetic Engineering”, “Blue Economy” and “Transition to a new Energy Model”. SAAE was represented by the President, Mr Trueman Goba, the Vice-President, Dr Mike Shand, the Past President and current Treasurer, Mr Bob Pullen, and Fellow Felix Reinders. The Executive Committee of SAAE invited Fellow Reinders to attend the Convocation as the theme of the Convocation fell within the scope of his expertise. The Executive Committee intends to disseminate the information emanating from the Convocation by making arrangements for Fellow Reinders to make presentations at different venues in the country.

London 2016

The Annual CAETS Convocation was hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) in London in September 2016. SAAE was represented by Dr Mike Shand, Vice President, and Bob Pullen, Past President and current Treasurer of SAAE. As part of the programme the RAE organised a Young Engineers Leadership day and invited all academies to nominate two young engineers to attend the Leadership Day as well as the other functions forming part of the Convocation at the cost of the RAE.

RAE accepted SAAE’s nominations of Geoff du Toit, a young engineer employed by Aurecon in Cape Town, and Luyanda Mhlanga a Candidate Engineer employed by AECOM. At the request of SAAE, RAE accepted an additional nomination namely that of Rene Mathias a PhD Civil Engineering student at the University of Cape Town who is a citizen of Swaziland.

Delhi 2015

The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) hosted the 23rd CAETS Council Meeting and Conference in New Delhi, India, from 12 to 16 October 2015. The SAAE was represented by Fellows Bob Pullen (President), Trueman Goba (Vice President) and Prof Philip Lloyd. The overall theme of the Conference was Pathways to Sustainability: Energy, Mobility and Healthcare Engineering.

Prof Lloyd served on the CAETS Council Energy Sub-committee charged with preparing a report entitled “Transitioning to Lower Carbon Economy: Technological and Engineering Considerations in Building and Transportation Sectors”. This Committee met on the fringe of the Conference to finalize a draft report to Council. Fellow Lloyd played a prominent role in compiling and editing the report.


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