Engineering a better world – Challenges of the bioeconomy


Messages from the 2017 CAETS Convocation


Felix Reinders PrEng SAAE was a member of the SAAE delegation to the CAETS meetings in Madrid, Spain. He presented a series of lectures on the messages that emanated from the CAETS Convocation which was hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain under the theme “Engineering a better world – Challenges of the Bioeconomy.


The urgent need for the sustainable use of natural resources and the notable advances in the field of biology have paved the way for the expansion of a bio-based economy. The bioeconomy addresses the use of renewable biological resources and their conversion into products, ranging from food and feed to other bio-based products and bio-energy. It demands innovative techniques for the production, processing, storage, consumption, recycling and disposal of natural resources. Thus, bioeconomy brings together the various sectors of the economy that are related to biological resources (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, bio-based chemicals & materials and bio-


energy). The presentation will touch on


  • The future of food
  • Genetic engineering
  • The blue bioeconomy
  • Energy


Felix Reinders is the President of the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID) and manages the Irrigation & Drainage Engineering Division at the Agricultural Research Council’s Institute for Agricultural Engineering in Pretoria. He is a Past President of the SA Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) and of the SA Irrigation Institute.