Latest Academy Lectures

2017 Academy Lecture

Prof Mike Muller delivered the 2017 Academy Lecture “Decolonising Engineering” at UCT in Cape Town on 18 October 2017. Prof Muller’s lecture provided some perspectives, through the lens of water, on the challenges that engineers and engineering face in a 21st century non-racist, non-sexist, democratic South Africa. The full article is available here

2016 Academy Lecture

The Gauteng presentation of Prof Cyril O’Connor’s 2016 Academy Lecture “Challenges facing the South African mining industry”  took place  on 23 March 2017 in the Senate Room in Solomon Mahlangu House (previously known as Senate House) at the University of the Witwatersrand. Please Read the full article…

2015 Academy Lecture

Prof Maarten de Wit of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University delivered  the 2015 Academy Lecture in Cape Town, Johnannesburg and Port Elizabeth. This talk   explored the receiving environment of the Karoo in terms of its geological, environmental and broader social context, which is unique, both internationally and within South Africa; and encourage “are we ready?” discussion that locates the ongoing process and broader shale gas debate in the historical context of South Africa’s hydrocarbon legacy, as well as the more contemporary socio-economic context and energy imbalances across southern Africa, at a time when there is a dire need to overcome insufficient local technical capacity and lack of social trust to ensure that shale gas might become a positive game-changer. Please read the full article