SAAE Fellows Dr Mike Shand, Dr Trueman Goba, Bob Pullen and Felix Reinders represented SAAE at the 2018 CAETS Convocation in Montevideo.

The annual CAETS Convocation was hosted by the Academy of Engineering of Uruguay in Montevideo in September 2018. The theme of the Convocation was Engineering a better world – Challenges of the Bio-economy. The Convocation was attended by representatives of most of the 26 member Academies of CAETS, including the SAAE. Attention was focused on the importance of sustainability in the use of natural resources in the rapidly expanding biological, i.e. the renewable, sectors of the economy around the world.
The bio-economy includes the production, processing, storage, consumption, recycling and disposal of resources produced by the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors and naturally occurring biological systems for purposes of making available food, animal feeds, chemicals, materials and energy.