Fellows Pine Pienaar and Felix Reinders with one of  Rimac’s Nevera high performance cars

The CAETS 2023 Annual Meetings and Technical Symposium was hosted by the Croatian Academy of Engineering from 9-11 October in Zagreb, Croatia. Events included a technical symposium, themed e2-mobility, which addressed topics including electrification of transport and integration with energy systems; batteries – the core technology; hydrogen, fuel cells and electrofuels; autonomous driving; and mobility modal shift – roads, railways, ships or planes? Annual business meetings of the CAETS Board and Council were also held.

SAAE Fellow Pine Pienaar participated in the preparation of a report on transport decarbonisation/e-mobility which was presented at the symposium. He prepared a subchapter on the decarbonisation aspects of Africa.

The customary technical vist on the last day of the symposium wasa site visit to the factory of the company, Rimac, manufacturer of the Nevera high performance electric car. The factory is located a few kilometres from Zagreb. Compared to Ford in Silverton, Pretoria, which produces 720 vehicles per day (as an example), Rimac only produces approximately 50 vehicles per year. Prices start from EUR 2.1m, upwards. The company is known for its performance products and is highly regarded in the vehicle industry worldwide.