To encourage technological scientists and engineers to effectively communicate in a simple and engaging manner with general audiences, with a focus on young people and students, the CAETS Communication Committee has established the annual CAETS Communication prize for the best short videos of no more than 5 minutes in length explaining the societal importance of technological breakthroughs and engineering successes. The prize will cover the registration fee to the annual conference as well as travel, accommodation (up to $5000 USD) in addition to a $5000 USD monetary award.  

The Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding audiovisual communication of excellence and innovation in technological sciences or engineering. The winning entry will have clearly communicated the successful identification of and solution for a problem, with the outcome being of benefit to the economy or society, either nationally or internationally. The video submissions may outline the problem and an evidence-based or applied solution that has either had a successful outcome or can be proven over time.

Entries will be judged by a national panel and the winning entry will then be submitted to CAETS for the international competition. The winner will be announced in July at the annual CAETS meeting.

Entries have to be submitted to SAAE at before or on  24 February 2024 but prospective entrants are requested to notify SAAE as soon as possible so that entry forms and guidelines for filming can be sent to them.