The rapid rate of innovation in energy means that the future shape and nature of this sector will soon be very different to the present. The relative prices of power generation sources have switched and solar and wind energy are now, in most countries, the cheapest grid-connected sources of electricity and as storage prices plummet, off-grid power solutions are more cost-competitive.
The electricity system is becoming decentralized as a multitude of smaller, incremental investments are made by utilities, industries and households, with the latter becoming producers as well as consumers of power. Networks and mini-grids are increasingly radial, meshed and fractal, and – as energy, transport and communications technologies converge, along with the internet of things, machine learning, demand-side management, and block-chain payment systems – energy services will be democratized and controlled to match individual and community needs more optimally.
The institutional design of Eskom, which originated in the past century, is no longer fit for purpose. Indeed, it may become increasingly irrelevant as new, innovative and competitive energy systems evolve. A new business model is needed if the utility is to survive.

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