Prof Wikus van Niekerk, moderator, and the three panellists Dr Gustav Rohde, Dr Vukosi Marivate and Dr Reabetswe Kgoroeadira listening to a question from the audience

On 12 December 2018 SAAE SAAE participated for the first time in the SFSA which is presented annually by the Department of Science and Technology. The theme of the forum was ‘Igniting Conversations about Science’.  SAAE presented a session entitled ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Context of Developing Countries’. SAAE Exco Committee Member Prof Wikus van Niekerk was the coordinator and the moderator of the session. The three panellists were Dr Gustav Rohde, CEO of Aurecon, Dr Reabetswe Kgoroeadira and Dr Vukosi Marivate. Dr Reabetswe Kgoroeadira is the Group Executive Officer and Partner of Beryl Group and Dr Vukosi Marivate is a senior Lecturer at the University Of Pretoria and holds the UP ABSA Chair in Data Science.